Complexity increases. Speed increases. Today's conditions have changed by tomorrow. Management and leadership are vital skills.
We help you develop these skills.

The need for quality and professionalism in leadership escalates.

The rapid evolution of business scenarios and their complexity is on the increase. Conditions that are relevant today may mean nothing tomorrow. Peak performance is required and it has to be delivered on the spot. The quality of leadership is crucial. It needs to be right and well executed. It is the only way to overcome the challenges of today in an effective and professional way. Leadership competence is rudimentary and gives a competitive advantage.

Though important, it is not just about managing a business. The key to great results lies in the management of people.

Here we will provide you with concrete answers and help you find solutions to the question: What can I do to better manage myself and others in order to achieve top performance in a sustainable and enduring way. Apart from leadership of direct reports and teams, correct self-management is also a part of this.  You need to be able to manage yourself in order to be able to manage others. We also provide insight into the topic: Management of bosses and colleagues. 

The management model created by the pioneers of St. Gallen (Switzerland) is the essential foundation. It provides a prerequisite for holistic and system-oriented thinking.  It helps you to master complexity. You need to know, what you always need to know. Single, stand-alone so called “recipes” are popular and commonly spread around - but are mostly ineffective and sometimes dangerous.

Management and leadership can be learned and trained.

The times are turbulent and do not allow experimentation and wooly thinking. Management is a profession with clear tasks, concrete tools and explicit principles. More important than charisma or vague promising talent, is the inner disposition, attitude and will to take this profession seriously, to learn and strive to get better. Through effective training, these skills can be learnt and improved.  

Effective leaders know: The better the leadership, the better the implementation power in the organization, and the better the results. Diluting or compromising agreed goals, frittering away opportunities and losing focus are common management weaknesses. Success depends on the right leadership and management - on all levels.

We are experts in the following areas, by use of seminars, workshops or individual coaching:

  • Principles, tasks and tools of professional management
  • Effective self-management.
  • Team building in the context of strategy, structure and culture
  • Leading difficult conversations, communication, conflict management
  • Be ahead of change, create and manage it while taking the people along
  • Describing, mapping, clarifying and adapting the corporate culture to strategic needs
  • Resilience for peak performance - better stress management
  • Support and advice in times of change, re-thinking and succession planning
  • More effective meetings, moderation & presentation training
  • Women in executive positions


In cooperation with experts from our network we offer following adjacent topics:

  • Strategy development, structure or process optimization
  • Customer value analysis and innovation management
  • Personal life coaching and reorientation
  • Medical coaching during prolonged strain and stress
  • Cultural intelligence

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